Re: Clan compilation problems...

From: Neal Lahndorff (stulahnd@ACS.EKU.EDU)
Date: 03/28/98

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Chris Hyde wrote:

> Hello there...I am adding clans to my MUD, and used the clan patc hfro
> mthe ftp site.  Everything went fine, and only a few files dumped .rej's
> and I manually corrected those.  Everything is as the patch says it should
> be, but for some reason, I get a strange error when I try to compile my
> code.  The error is this:
> interpreter.c: In function 'nanny':
> interpreter.c:1312: duplicate case value
> interpreter.c:1308: this is the first entry for that value
> It then exits with an error of course.  I cannot find the problem with
> this.  Here is the segment of code it is talking about:
> switch (STATE(d)) {
>   case CON_CLAN_EDIT:                   <--  line 1308
>     parse_clan_edit(d, arg);
>     break;
>   case CON_OEDIT:                       <--  line 1312
>     oedit_parse(d, arg);
>     break;
> Obviously, I have previously added OasisOLC to my MUD, and prior to adding
> the clan stuff, everything was fine...
Look in structs.h at the CON_ defines, sounds like you have two of them
that are the same


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