Re: Thrown Objects

From: Judson Powers (powers@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 03/28/98

On Thu, Mar 26, 1998 9:26 PM, Thomas Smith <mailto:ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM>
>      I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on makeing a thrown object.
> Like, say greek fire.  A players throws the object, it hits or doesnt
> hit, then dissapears so it cannot be used again.  Also would like to add
> a "spread" to the object, kinda like a splash affect.  If it hits the
> mob succesfuly, then it might hit other mobs in the room, and if it
> misses, it might hit the player(s).

Sure.  You could have a "grenade" skill or command.  Check to see if the
player hits the target.  If he misses, have a small chance that he hits
another person.  For example, if there was a 2% chance and there were 5
others in the room (not including the thrower or the target), then there is
a 10% chance he hits someone; randomize between the five to see who gets
it.  For splash, just have it do something like a base 2% chance, rolled
for each person, of getting splashed -- the person who gets hit and the
person throwing are exempt.

>     Another question i had was, is it possible to make items against
> specific mobs, such as a sword +5hr verses frogs.

Anything is possible, it just depends on how much time you have and how
good you are. :)

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