Re: [OLC patch] Error's in modify.c

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 03/29/98

On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Christian Loth wrote:

->Use either d->str or (*d).str but I think *d->str doesn't look right.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Never assume that a variable is
cast in a particular way.  FYI, "d->str"--directly from structs.h--is
cast as, "char **d->str".  Which means, "*d->str" is the correct way
to access a string of characters in d->str (I assume a line), and
then, that "**d->str" can be used to access single characters of one
line in d->str.  :)

->> O... um... sorry for spammin te list... but... tey ARE ( and )s :) I was typin
->> it from a minimized dos window so tey LOOKED like < and >s ;) Um.. ok, Here is
->> te real code:
->> and te next:
->> Ok, TATS te rit way... stupid keyboard... just look at it for awile and youll
->> et it :)

Get a new keyboard.  A spill-proof one, at that.


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