Re: [COMPILING] Warnings

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 04/01/98

Tharin2002 wrote:
> I was wonderin if I need to worry about te followin warnin:
> *snip*
> warning C4761: integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied
> *snip*


As G.G. replied to this already, I have only a few things to add to his
wise thoughts.  1.  I suggest that you take a look at the lines that
throw those errors and track down what exactly IS the problem with the 2
vars your playing with.  2.  when you've found them, back up your source
and try to supply the correct typcasting for your variables to make it
NOT throw the warning.  I've noticed that most of the lines that have
those warnings in circle are either where they deal with win95 winsock
stuff (yeah, i'm a win95) and when they initialize vars like:

float x = 0.0;

this normally doesn't cause problems but to get rid of the warning as a
picky compiler will yell about this line, you'd put in:

float x = (float)0.0;  or float x = 0.0F;

I type all of this because i feel it's a good excercise in debugging
that shouldn't harm anything and should be pretty easy on newer people.
Hopefully, you'll understand what's actually going on in those lines of
code by the time your done.

Baktor Silvanti

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