Re: Needful things?

From: R. E. Paret (rparet@DARKRUNE.GURU.ORG)
Date: 04/02/98


  While I tend to agree with your assessment of circle flourishing because
of its open-endedness, I have to say that I think that adding features to
stock circle (such as races, for example) is a bad idea.  The reason I
choose to work with Circle in my mud projects (aside from familiarity) is
because of that open-endedness, which I think would be inhibited by adding
featured code.  For example, the reason I don't work with code bases like
Smaug, RoM, etc. is because they are far too customized (or featured, if
you will) for me.  I don't want to do what the originators of those code
bases want to do, I want to do something *different*, which is why I
choose to work in an open-ended environment like circle.  Even a feature
as sublime as PC or NPC races can turn into a problem, for instance if I
want to set my mud in the future (sci-fi) or I wanted to use a different
type of game as my base (Rifts over AD&D or whatever), I'd have to alter
or remove the race code.  This might not seem like a big deal (it really
isn't) but the idea is that I'd like to be able to remove a minimal amount
of code from the base to get to a point where I could start adding to it
(if I were doing a sci-fi mud, for instance).  If I wanted a ZipMud (sorry
George) chock full of features, I'd dl Smaug and be on my way.

However, you do have a point.  Adding races to stock is just as much
tedium as removing it, I suppose.  So thats why I'd suggest something of a
modular distribution.  In essence, its the same thing as patches, except
they are already patched in. So on the web site you'd see something like

        Download stock CircleMud 3.0
        Download CircleMud 3.0 + (races, clans, mounts)
        Download CircleMud 3.0 ++ (ascii pfiles, item affects)

Etcetra.  Just stock Circle with race modules, clan modules, etc.
Sort of, but not quite like, how LPMud has thier "libraries".

I think the module idea is probably the best idea (although the web page
example above probably isn't the best implementation) because it allows
Circle to retain its open-ended identity while allowing "instant" featured
customization for those that want it.


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