From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 04/02/98

Mike Lindsey wrote:
> I have looked through several months of messages and have not been able to
> find any questions similar to the one I am posting.
> I am compiling Circle code under cygnus gcc beta 19 on a Win 95 system and
> have not added any levels to my code.
> My problem is when I advance a character ( my syslog is complete) the system
> gives the standard [Initiating autowiz.] but never changes the wizlist
> I have reloaded wizlist...thought of that....have checked and the executable
> is in the bin directory with the other files.  If I check the syslog, it
> shows the victim of the advance command rising levels but there is nothing
> about autowiz running after that.
> Any ideas?


Did you patch in the win95 autowiz patch?  if not, i would assume that
is the problem. If you have, check and see if there is a new wizlist
sitting in one of your directories, as it may not be saving to the right
directory, or not able to overight your existing file.  I had a problem
with wizlist not being reloaded even after a reboot so i had to change
the code to call reload after wizlist so that it automattically updates
itself and i don't have to fool with it.


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