Re: Needful things?

From: Leonardo Herrera (leherrer@ENTELCHILE.NET)
Date: 04/03/98

I think that the point is not about a CircleMUD with tons of features,
is about a CircleMUD with facilities (sp?) to let us add all the
features that we want. I think that some things (classes for PCs/NPCs,
material/resistance for objects, etc) would be a good idea, but only as
a starting point.

And because some of this features implies (sp again?) changes in the
world files... well, CircleMUD would be distributed with only one zone
(Midgaard, of course).

I hope that anybody understands me.

Leonardo Herrera L.
  "Me voy a subai, me voy a costai, me voy a tapai y
me voy a hacei tuto."
        -- Ruy

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