Re: Consider (was Roleplaying idea)

From: X Schiltz (joes@SKIPNET.COM)
Date: 04/08/98

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Thomas Smith wrote:
> The comment about lame <item worn here> i think is way off.  Thats the
> kind of information needed for a player.  Now im not saying that a
> character should type score and see <worn on head> A helm +1.  Thats
> totally wrong.  But knowing what your wearing/wielding/holding is an
> important part.  If you take that away from them, then it takes away
> some of the fun makeing them have to remember things that they shouldnt.
> Look at a d&d character sheet, 90% of the thing is your stats, armor,
> items, etc....  You cannot encourage RP by denying characters basic
> information.
Yahoo for you! I tottally aggree, when I first read the item containing
that complaint, I thought, what's so wrong about the <item worn here>
tags? Is it more RP like to not know if he's wearing that ring on his
finger or his uh...toe? Consider an item named "bracer" Where is person
wearing it? On one of their arms? One of their legs? Their chest? Their
head? Is it a finger bracer? You expect your people to be better able to
roleplay with it? How? They can't even picture the person that they are
talking to! Fact is, as I see it at least, the closer something is to RL,
the better one can roleplay it, because its familiar. When I look at
somebody, they are not just wearing a cap, a pair of pants, and a shirt,
they are wearing a cap on their head, a pair of pants on their legs, and a
shirt on their chest. Obviously your views(the person at made lame <item
worn here> statement)aren't mutually accepted. But perhaps you had some
alterior motive, if it's reasonable, good for you then, but I think we'd
like to here it.

I used a lot of expressive punctuation, but, of course, no hard feelings
were meant by it.

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