From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 04/08/98

        At hubis.eushc.org 4000
any interested builders require within or email me.
        We got alot interesting stuff and decided awhile back to take
circlebpl11 and inpregnate my various code i compiled over the years as
well as my fellow coders.
        I appreciate the effort in circlemud and in that if you see
something in our mud that you like I will try to direct/help you as needed
as a return for effort in circle.
        I have a mob race/class/AI code that I am trying to get to drop in
circlebpl12 to mail out. It preetty much will do what MOBprogs will and Dg
scripts and a little more, like can totally alter mud balance with a
reboot my being able to change and stat on any mob that is same
level/race/class with a define change, many spec for race/class combos etc

Thankx again

P.s. I bought a new processor and it totally solved my probelsm i posted
about here. Old intels suck.

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