Some silly tired questions..

From: The Merciless Lord of everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 04/09/98

Hullo all

First of all I'm having this *VERY* weird problem with DG-Scripts, and
was wondering if someone had the same problem. Seems like when I'm
killing something as IMP (kill mob) the deathprog fires off. But if I
hit the mob instead (So I go through the die function I think) no
deathprogs fires off.

This you would say is due to an error in the code. So did I think, but I
noticed (with a lot of logging here and there) that the prog actually
fires off, in this case the prog command is "Say Hello" which should be
fired no matter if there is an Actor or not!

As far as I can see, if kill calls RAW_KILL then everything works out
(somehow) but if it goes through die then it doesn't start.  This might
be due to the fact that I'm tired and overlooking something, but then
again maybe not. Have someone had this problem before??? (And a possible
solution :))

Another problem, without warning the currently running mud seem to have
found a new way of annoying me. All of a sudden (Since it's a couple of
months since last update) the code decides to go :
SYSERR: CHECKPOINT Shutdown: Tics not updated.

Whut the???  And why?? and how? I could understand it if it had done
this once, then it might be the system timer or somthing like that.

Seems like the problem occurred after we installed a NTP-Client so that
we could synch with a server somewhere, but the cron is set to run it
every hour, and the reboot I'm looking at now has 17:39, so that does
not make any sense.. Any ideas?


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