Re: Consider (was Roleplaying idea)

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 04/09/98

Shane W. wrote:
> Shane is wearing a crown fit for a king, it is made of silver.  He
> has a large tataoo signafying he is part of the Kensai clan

Except that a crown fit for a king would likely be gold, lest your
world either has no gold, or has more gold than silver (or, for
some other reason, silver is considered more valuable than gold).
Not that it matters...

> So instead of <blah>, it is put into sentence form.  Then some sort
> of parsing is done.

The problem isn't putting it in sentence form.  That's easy.  The
problem is having the sentences be different depending upon the
point of view of players.  And, actually, I think that's almost
undesirable.  If you describe the object [well], and the person is
role-playing [well], then they should derive their own opinion
about the object; a role-player playing a giant would see it as a
a piece of foil wrapped around some midgets head, while the bard
player would certainly add his own artistic flair to it.  There is
no need to write unique descriptions for each class/race/whatever.

The purpose of role-playing is, after all, PLAYING a role; not
having the computer do it for you.


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