Re: Board 2.2 crash

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/10/98

> I have patched in the big.patch and dgolcplus patch.  After handpatching
> in the board-2.2.patch, I get a strange crash, not so strange actually.
> If I take a already made board from stock circle and edit it all is fine.
> If I do oedit 1288 and set type to board, and goto valus and enter them in
> the minlev to read/write/remove works fine after that  I crash on
> create_new_board. Yes I understand that obj is null   that is caused by
> trying to create an object with vnum of -1.  What is called is
> Board_save_board(GET_OBJ_VNUM(OLC_OBJ(d)));
        Sorry - my error. OLC_OBJ() should be OLC_NUM(), and you can just
take the "GET_OBJ_VNUM()" out of



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