[AD] Recruiting for Creators.

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/10/98

        I am here seeking additional creative staff for the Spear of
Insanity. We are in the beginning stages of creating the world as a whole,
and if you are interested in molding a world like clay from its very
inception, then I invite you to visit us.
        I can already see you thinking, "New muds are always lacking in
features, experience and stability." This is not so with Spear of
Insanity. The code base has been under strenuous construction for over a
year and has had many features added in. Some features are available at
other muds, but most are unique to Spear of Insanity. This is not the
first MUD that many of our staff have ever worked on so we are not lacking
in experience or maturity, and new code is always written then completely
tested on a port separate from the creating port. This is done to prevent
faulty code from interrupting your creative sprees.
        If you are tired of being associated with MUDs that are here today
and gone tomorrow, then I invite you to join us. If you are exasperated by
unstable code or childish implementors, then I urge you to contact us.  If
you wish to be part of a unique creative experience, then I hope that you
will get in touch.
        I thank you for reading through this, and if you are interested,
then please get in touch with us via one of the following methods:

Email: zeavon@spear.gator.net
MUD: spear.gator.net 1066

        If you log into the MUD and no one is present, please MUDMail
Zeavon with your email address and he will send you the application. All
people must fill out and submit the application before they are raised in
level to become an immortal. This is not done to inconvenience anyone, but
to ensure that everyone involved with creating on Spear of Insanity meets
the high standards that are required of all staff members. The application
process usally takes a day or so depending on the speed at which you
return the application.

Thank you,
Zeavon MageMaster

John Evans <evansj@hi-line.net>  --  http://www.hi-line.net/~evansj/

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  -- Arthur C. Clarke

PS: If you feel the urge to reply to this message, please make sure that
you reply to zeavon@spear.gator.net. Anyone that replies to the list will
automatically be rejected. Anyone that replies to evansj@hi-line.net will
be regarded as potentially Drain Bamaged and will probably be ignored.

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