From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 04/11/98

I don't know how others found this message, but I think that *maybe* a
little more information could assist you!

> oasisolc.tar.gz and followed the directions for the patch but when I
> went to
> compile it stopped with an error..

Lots of things stop with errors...even my wristwatch does :P :)

> Anyone out there able to send a bit of help my way? It would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Is this the right file for what I am trying to do? Is OasisOLC a good
> online editor?

The OLC file is based for a Linux/Unix/blah system.  If you are running
Win95, I suggest looking around for the file as that is
basically a drop in.  Alternatively, go to "George's patch archive", more
particularly the OasisOLC Maintanence Effort and download the patch you
require.  "" is OasisOLC v1.3, so you'll need patches from
1.3->1.5, etc...

I prefer just getting the patch for release 12, i.e. 1.6b --- although
there is ONE slight change you have to do, as will be detailed in the
Mailing List archives.  Note, patch 1.6b will work for all systems ---
Oasiswin95 was designed to drop in for a win95 system, although it works
on my Slackware Linux box too --- although I refuse to use it anymore :)


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