Re: New OLC.

From: Judson Powers (powers@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 04/14/98

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 10:05 PM, George <mailto:greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG> wrote:
> The idea here is to appeal to people who like to write the files offline
> and despise an OLC system.  These people would have complete control over
> what the system offers instead of being limited by the Obuild/OasisOLC
> menus to be written for some feature.

Ah, but if they like to write files offline, then couldn't they just write
the files offline?  I'm sure something could be worked out where they could
email the completed files to the imp or something.  Heck, you could even
give builders some wierd ftp access.

> But of course, you'd have to tell people what the file format was.
> it would be limited use, if only by the implementors, but could be handy
> test out features before you actually write the Obuild/Oasis interface.
> The consideration that many people have awful looking formats would
> apply.

Well, that would be half useful -- at least the imps might get something
out of it.

> I think this would make a great OLC system for stock CircleMUD.  It's
> to implement (about the same as writing a note), gives the utmost in
> flexibility (though at the expense of readability), and can easily be
> ripped out by anyone who doesn't like it. :)

Only if you can have more than one OLC system working at the same time.
Otherwise, I'd suggest a better, more builder-friendly OLC system.  Unless,
of course, the imps want to do all the building.

> Since we already have command line and menuing OLC systems, why put a
> fancy one in the current stock code? At least this would be usable, and
> minimal.

Some people like complex, easy-to-use, powerful systems.  Especially if
they're user friendly and don't confuse people that don't need to be
confused.  But then, people do still use DOS and/or Windows 3.X and like
it, so I suppose this argument doesn't go too far.  (Macintosh is
user-happy, Win95 and NT are working on it, and Linux/X are just too good.
In fact, I heard a radio commentary on how Linux was commonly considered
the best operation system ever developed...)

Anyway, I'd personally suggest expanding one of the existing OLC systems or
writing one somewhat similar if anything.

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