Re: hedit.patch

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 04/15/98

> The hedit.patch installed half way into my mud, and had to hand patch
> the other half. (I know.. you all have been there.. done that too). But
> a few problems arose and I have spent too much time trying to figure it
> all out. So, I am asking for some help to get me going on to other
> things.. :)

first of all..did you bother to read the readme file before you installed
it? i answer all of these questions..

>  a. First problem I can not resolve is, It does not save the Name of
>     the new help that is created. (i.e. the Alias)
>     ALL the data except aliases are saved in the help file.
>     This causes the help file to NOT exist.
>     Anyone know where in the OLC.C or HEDIT.C files it actually
>     saves the data? so that I can tell it to save the aliases too?
>     (please give example as I wont be able to create code to do it,
>     I can fix some problems and code so long as I have references)

you have to put the aliases as the first line of the help hedit
is just a dumb editor (like george's proposed olc), and it doesn't add
them in for you..

>  b. Second problem I am not sure of. Does the Hedit check the current
>     help files for the help word that you try to create? or does it
>     check only the .hlp file that is defined in the src files?

you must unify all of your help files into one file ("help.hlp" is
default)..i did this cause it was easier than messing with multiple files,
and the seperate files were simply for organization (which you don't
really need if you are editing online)..

> 2. Since bpl12 has separate help files, has anyone come up with a way
>    to tell it via ONLINE which file to edit? Also has anyone come up
>    with a way to give it more than one alias (or add aliases to an
>    existing help file)?

there's one file..and just put all of the aliases you want as the first
line of the entry..

this ought to answer the other guy's hedit question too..


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