Re: [newbie] Visual C++ 5.0 compile errors

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 04/19/98

JWoodsIII wrote:

> This is unmodified code I got the errors on and here they are...
> interpreter.c(200) : error C2065: 'SCMD_NORTHEAST' : undeclared identifier
> interpreter.c(200) : error C2099: initializer is not a constant
> interpreter.c(202) : error C2065: 'SCMD_SOUTHEAST' : undeclared identifier
> interpreter.c(202) : error C2099: initializer is not a constant
> interpreter.c(204) : error C2065: 'SCMD_SOUTHWEST' : undeclared

This *IS* modified code, last time I looked stock circle30bpl12 only
had 6 directions. Anyway to fix this problem have a look at
interpreter.h and see how the SCMD_'s you used in interpreter.c are

> comm.c(358) : warning C4761: integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied

  I get these, it compiles with them, it works with, I leave them well
alone ;P In my limited understanding of MSCV++ 4/5 these errors arise
when the compiler expects you to use, for example, a 'byte' and you give
it an 'int'. As it says, 'conversion supplied'.

-> Ben

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