[CODE] Related to "Red Button" question

From: Knite Hawk (knitehwk@CITILINK.COM)
Date: 04/19/98

Ok, one more question, that in a way is related. The kind of idea a friend
and I are having for our MUD is a kind of "alternate-reality" or
"dimension" type thing. So, now that I know how to make the Red Button
device that will autoequip when they get to a certain level, once they use
that, I have another question:
When they use the Red Button Device, it teleports them to a specific room
in another Zone, a Zone which is not connected to the main set of Zones in
any way. This creates the "illusion" of "dimensions" that can only be
reached by opening some kind of "portal" (think like the Sliders tv-show's
sliding device). But once they get there, unless I were to add the kind of
code that leaves the player where they are when they logout (previous
recent thread on list), is there a way that I can make it so once they use
the device and travel to another zone, they then have a Brand New
"Start-Point" for that specific Zone? Instead of going back to the Temple
of Midgard, or whatever the start-point on the mud is changed to?

As I've stated, I know little of code, so pointing me in the right
direction would be very helpful.

Knite Hawk

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