Re: Code bases

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 04/19/98

On 4/19/98 5:51 PM, Matt (muzz1@MINDSPRING.COM) stated:

>I have a question.
Diku - The original free H&S codebase.  Unsupported.  Database format
Circle - a DIKU derivative, very supported.  Few derivatives due to its
high support.  Hack and Slash oriented.  Uses databases for world data
MUSH, MOO, MUSE, MUX - An RP oriented codebase, uses interpretted or
run-time compiled code for world data.
ABER - Not sure, I think its a Diku derivative
Merc - A Diku derivative, very modified.  Uses a database for world data.
 Many derivatives.  No support.
Envy - A Merc derivative, unsupported
ROM - A merc/Envy derivative
LPMUD - A hack-and-slash/RP mix oriented codebase.  Uses interpretted or
run-time compiled code for world data.  Unsupported.
MudOS - the latest versions of LPMud
TINY - another Diku derivative.  Unsupported.

- Chris Jacobson

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