Re: Quinn!!!

From: Tharin2002 (Tharin2002@AOL.COM)
Date: 04/19/98

He apparantly got to my mud.. I got a new coder by the name of Flint and the
mud suddenly crashed. I got back on and my other immortals said that he had
logged on and said Byebye mud before it crashed. He logged on a few min later
saying that he hadn't been on and that he'd been asleep the last hours... He
even answered questions to prove that he was the real flint... I still do not
know if this was Quinn but he was trying to fix do_who and said he had to
shutdown the mud for about 3 min. It shutdown, then came back up with the
following message:

Quinn has Struck Again Mother Fuckers!

So Dont screw with Kaedric or I'll fuck you over even worse next time!

-Quinn ShadowStalker

Kaedric was a builder that I had personally never seen before and was probably
promoted to my power happy imp Timcor *grumble* Well. I still do not know who
to blame, and I can't get on to my mud as they have changed the server
password. Oh, and as an afternote, under users Flints addy was:
I am still not sure if the Flint I promoted is to blame or if Quinn hacked
into his account as an implementor... Flint helped the mud alot with his code
so I am going to investigate this throughly. Please, everyone, beware of this
Quinn, he could destroy your mud, make regular backups and don't keep them on
the server. I am hoping that my other coder was smart enough to make a backup
within the last week. I am hoping my server admin will understand and change
my password back. If not, I am royally screwed :)

Tharin, Knights of the 5th Dimension (formerly at 8088)

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