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From: Chris Powell (darkness@CHESHIRE.GATOR.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Christoffer Lundberg wrote:

> Today, I noticed this...
> [  596] [ 1 As] Quinn        :   : Sun Apr 12 21:50:34  1998
> ...on my MUD. If you, Quinn, is on this list, I just want to tell you
> that you are a freaking MF that should be destroyed for your actions.
> What about a fight face-to-face other than screen-to-screen, and I'll
> give you something that would make you wish that you never had heard
> of MUD!!

Umm exactly how is this related to Circle??? Just curious?

Could the original author of the bitfield patch(for bpl8) please contact
me I'd appreciate it.

Chris Powell           * I don't have bugs, I have   * I don't crash, I * randomly developed features * have random reboots

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