[Admin] Documentation and the List

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 04/20/98

> Q5. Are there any resource archives for the mailing list?
>    < link to CircleMUD page, Which in fact does have
>     a link to Diku Home.(Dont see any MOO, MUSH, or other types there)>
But it also has a link to the DikuMud FAQ which does make mention of
the various code bases.  Funny that.

> So, why would I read a FAQ about a "MAILING list" to find out about
> different types of MUD's??
Perhaps by reading the documentation that came with your copy of
CircleMUD you would have found some interesting information about
this.  Perhaps the cross-referencing could be better than now, but
that's a thought I just had.  Not a useful suggestion from anywhere

> And I think this part is perfectly clear, your misconception of Mailing
> lists and MUDs.
Not really.  My perception is crystal clear.  Of course, the big problem
I have is with the *enormous* number of people that don't both to read
all of the documentation that I've put together.

Makes for stupid and irrelevant discussions regarding CircleMUDs.

And I will say this:
- If you have questions about CircleMUDs that aren't answered in the FAQ,
  they will be answered here.
- If you have questions about Linux, don't ask them here.
- If you have questions about other mud bases, don't ask them here.
- If you ask a question that has been answered in one of the FAQs that
  is readily available, or is in the mailing list archives, or on the
  FTP site or Snippet page, then expect to be bumped from the list with
  a short explanation why.  The same thing goes for the above two points.

If you don't like this policy, too bad.  If you complain to the list about
it, again, expect to be removed.  If you complain to me personally with
some valid arguments, references, and suggestions for improvement, then
I will take them seriously and do my best to address them as well as I am

That's the last word on this discussion on the mailing list.  Anything
that shows up after this piece of mail hits the list will be considered
to fall under point #4.

Have a nice day,

Your local fascist.

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     | http://democracy.queensu.ca/~fletcher/Circle/list-faq.html |

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