From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

> well ok i am allso looking on how to add stats like agility and others how
> is that done, if anyone hase any txt files please let me know =)
> Avram
        Actually, the 'wierdo' THAC0 thing is pretty much what diablo
uses.  Here's how it works:

        Bob tries to hit Sam.
        Bob has a To-Hit-Armor-Class-Zero (THAC0) of 12. On a 20-sided die
he must roll above that number to hit Sam, if Sam had an Ac of 0. THAC0 is
based on Bob's level.
        Sam is wearing Chainmail - armor class 5. He also has high
dexterity (same pretty much, as agility, and identical for comparison in
diablo) which allows him 2 points of ac (-2).  So, his effective ac is 3.
        Since Sam's Ac isn't 0, its easier for bob to hit him - his Ac is
subtracted from Bob's thaco, resulting in 12-3 or 9. So, on a 20 sided
die, Bob must roll above a 9.

        This is simplistic, and derived directly from D&D. Diablo is
comprable, baring that stats like charisma and wisdom are not used, so are
not included.

        If you'd like to add stats, I would look in your structs.h file
and search for 'dex' or one of the other existing stats, and duplicate it.
Make sure though, that you initlize it correctly - this isn't quite 100%
simple. If you're using Unix, learn how to use grep. If you're not, learn
how to search through multiple files for occurances of text,  because
you're going to need that skill if you're going to be adding anything -
especially if you're doing something as simple seeming as duplicating
        One more side note: altering stat information will require a
player file wipe, since it is part of the sized information that is saved.


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