Re: I wanna clear some stuff up (fwd)

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

RHS Linux User wrote:
> stolen code) and Im giving proper credit to J. Elson and the creators of
> DikuMUD (Gamma 0.0)  Also what is your peoples problem?  Do you even know
> me?  Have you ever met me in real life?  And to the person who called my a

2 Things: First, when he first logged in to my mud, he showed me some stuff on
his mud. When I first logged in he did *nod* have any credits in his mud. I
finally told him, at which point he seemed not to care. I reminded him that it
was against liscense and he finally put it in. Also, the person who told me it
was josh gremm works on buildermud, and said he knew quinn in RL. I then asked
him his name and he gave me the name Josh Grimm. Second: Maybe he hasn't done
anything yet, (I'm not saying that I doubt any of those touching testimonials
*sniff* but...) but that still doesn't excuse the fact that he does go to muds
like mine and threaten to hack them if he doesn't get an implementor position.


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