Re: NEWBIE: adding more levels

From: Chris Hyde (slugger@CRYOGEN.FERRIS.EDU)
Date: 04/20/98

> I am running CircleMud beta 12 on my Win95 machine with MSVC5.0, and am
> wondering how to add more levels. Currently there are 34 levels, with
> 31-34 being immortal, and I would like to add 54 levels or so. I was
> wondering where and how I modify the code for this.

Before you get flamed by the long-time users of this list...I'll just say
to read the documentation that came with the Circle distribution.  I can't
remember which doc it was exactly(might even be levels.doc, but off the
top of my head i can't remember, and I have the Linux/Unix distribution,
so maybe packaging is different??)...

Anyways, I think the list manager stated previously about these types of good luck in keeping your connection to the list ;)

BTW - In minor defense of myself concerning the CRON thread, I did not
talk about user cron jobs simply because the person who asked seemed to
not know anything about cron.  I figured the easiest way for him to
rectify this in the short-run was to have the sysadmin set it up for him

Llewelyn of ERENDOR

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