Re: Quinn, and his many other aliases.

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 04/20/98

>Get me the phone # and I will contact him.
>NOTE: You CAN sue his parents for his actions and if there is a criminal
>offense he CAN be prosecuted but not as an adult. In Texas, if he is 17
>he can be prosecuted for a felony as an adult, but for a (small crime, I
>cant think of the word right now) you cant be prosecuted as an adult
>until you are 18. If you commit a felony like murder though you can be
>prosecuted as an adult if you are 14 or higher.

Unfortunately, with him being a Canadian, there is one MAJOR problem
(besides the fact that it's a corss border suit, and that rarely works
unless it's business cases) and that is he is protected by Canada's Young
Offender's Act (also known as the Youth's Liscence to Commit Crimes)  Not
much can be done, and what can be done won't be much of a deterrent.  If
anything, contacting all the ISP's in his local area, and getting a
blackball on him would be MUCH more effective.  Maybe conact the schools
in the area as well to double check.  After all, without net access, he's
up the proverbial creek without a proverbial padle.  Gimme some info on
where in BC he is.  I gots lots of relatives scattered all over the

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