I officially hate the Quinn thread.

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/20/98

You'd think that could be the whole message, but I guess not.

We've been informed there's a butthole out there who likes to rip up

We've verified various safety methods.

We've complained through at least 40 messages now.

We've been visited by Quinn on our MUD.  (Oooh, newbie's gonna getcha)

So what?!
He's out there, he'll eat your MUD if he can, but if you're the least
bit careful, he
can't.  Does this have to go much further?  If it does, I'd like to know
why (in private
e-mail, of course.)  Give me his administrator and his e-mail address.
I'll e-mail his
admin and inform him that Quinn's violated many services and the
problems that he's caused.

But let's do it in private e-mail, or I can set up Majordomo and run an
"I hate Quinn" list
on my Linux server.


Relevant to Circle:

I talked about my guild code, and it's practically done.  Well,
technically it is, but I'd
like to clean it up in one area.  I'm using room flags in guilds to
determine which class it
is that is being joined.  Can I determine which guild they are in
another way?  Like



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