Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] Printing brief room desc when enter key hit

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

> (ignore_brief contains the value of the second argument to look_at_room)
> Now, I'm wondering if there's a logic error in there, or if look_at_room
> just wasn't intended to be able to be forced to skip the long room desc.
> The reason for this is that (from what I can tell) in order for the long
> desc to be skipped, the following must be met:
> 1) the player is in brief mode
> 2) ignore_brief is equal to 0
> 3) the player is not in a deathtrap room? (this doesn't matter, since you
>    want it to print the long description anyways probably)

you're incorrect about there being a logic error..the room description
will show if:
you are in a death trap OR
you do not have brief on OR
you typed look with no arguments (in which case, it will ignore the fact
that you have brief on)

> As you can see, regardless of the value of ignore_brief, look_at_room will
> still show the long desc if the player is not in brief mode.

right..ignore_brief is only there to override someone's brief preference
in certain when they type the look command..

the desc won't show when you enter a room that is not a death trap, and
you are PRF_BRIEF..look at all of the calls made to look_at_room, and take
note of the ignore_brief parametrer..when it's one and when it's zero..

> SO, (sorry for being so wordy) what would be the best way to work around
> this so that, when the user hits ENTER at the command prompt, the game
> does look_in_room WITHOUT printing the long room desc? Probably the safest could also just send it another parameter (force_brief)


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