Re: Circlemud design issues

From: peter hartman (wart@KUNTRYNET.COM)
Date: 04/21/98

What I would like to see is something that the linux kernel does.  Their
simple solution is to add a make config, which allows you to turn on and
off various 'extras' in the kernel.  I noticed that the latest release of
OasisOLC had a similiar idea in mind.  They simply #if defined() a bunch
of stuff in the code that was more peripheral than the basics.  If you
felt like it, you could add a -DBLAH in your Makefile and be content with
some newer features.

  So when running the initial make of a mud, you would be prompted for
various things, like clans, guilds, autoeq, oasisolc, George's olc, ascii
pfiles, and so forth.

  This might cause the mud to be too newbie friendly, but it'd also be
pretty convenient.  This would also eliminate a lot of 'poor' patches out
there, that simply don't work out of the box.  (From what I remember in
previous discussions, though, is that the inability to work is a good
thing, because it teaches newbies how to patch by hand).

Well there are my two cents,
Peter Hartman

> > > Probably not... but the question is, what is the criterion for
> > > something getting into stock code?  A lot of people like clans.  A lot
>         Actually I'd like to know this too. I almost have a drop-in patch
>  for race-allowing on a mud.  As I had said before, it dosen't change the
>  behavior of stock code, but it does allow races to be easy to add, if one
>  so wishes, as well as standardizing some of the more used race-affecting
>  functions (regen time, fighting bonuses, innate abilities, class
>  selection, etc).  Although I'm loathe to say that it is required, or even
>  needed, at the same time, I can't come up with any useful arguments
>  against it, baring that it works as expected.
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