Re: [CODE/IDEA] Few things

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 04/22/98

Chuck Reed <creed@I-55.COM> writes:

> 2) If anyone could tell me why this doesn't work, I'd love to know:

Similar to commands like the bank commands, you need to put an entry
into the command interpreter table.

  {"balance", POS_STANDING, do_not_here, 1, 0},

Change "balance" to "learnswim" or something appropriate.  (Of course,
a cleaner design is a single learn command, but I suspect that is what
you intend after inital testing :) ).

Note the do_not_here.  There is a function declared ACMD(do_not_here).
Basically it does what the name says.  The code has to have an entry
in the command table before it continues processing subsequent
conditions (ie before it checks standing, etc etc).  Once all these
prereqs have been met, _then_ the code sees if there is a spec proc,
in which case it calls it, otherwise it calls do_not_here.

James Turner     

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