Re: Weather zones.

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE)
Date: 04/23/98

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

> >
> > > I did this too.  Each zone having it's own climate.  However, the only
> > > problem I am having now is it seems a little unrealistic to have it
> > > snowing in one zone, and walk into another area where it's not :)  Oh
> > > well.  It's better than it was before :)
> >
> > That's where Quality Control for your zones come into play by making sure
> > that no one puts an artic zone next to a desert zone.
> >
>         Gosh, wouldn't it be keen if you had a mud laid on on an actual
> grid or map such that you could impose not just per-zone climate changes,
> but mud-wide season-based weather _patterns_.  Or is there a way to push
> this through the current disjointed connectivety of zones that I haven't
> taken the trouble to see, aside from much intervention from Immorts..
>         Maybe some sort of .. How about this:
> Make a graph of your zones.. sure it loops, sure it interconnects, no big
> deal.  Get an algorithm to find the most dense area on that graph,
> counting not just number of connecting zones, but number of
> interconnections.. the default midgaard is probably the 'central' zone for
> most. Now.. put that world on a flat map.. best we can do I'd suppose..
> something like...
>   3-4   10 8
>   | /----\|
> 1-2-5-15-30-42-22-23-24-25
>     |     |
>     12    19
>         etc.. .. take it like this now, assign each zone a default weather
> 'type'as per previously existing code.. then, assign a sort of world
> (er..mud) pattern.. one which will rotate around..something like..
>  warm|warmer|hot|warm|brisk|chilly|cold|icy|cold|chilly|brisk|->go to begining..
>   and a similar cycle of humidity and wind?  and then have it overlay
> directly to the zone graph above with a cycle effect.. so you'll have
> different seasons across the entire mud, even if you have a winter zone
> for example, there will be a winter and summer modifier so you can get a
> thaw, and a deep freeze..
>         add in special effects like weather causing damage, rain reducing
> visibility/movement, heat and dryness causing dehydration and damage from
> same, wind which hampers flying, blinding hail/snow, etc...
>         I'd just die if I saw 5 pc's gathered around inside a town saying
> something like "Lets wait till the spring thaw to take out the ice dragons
> - it would be impossible to make it across those frozen mountains before
> then!".. of course, they'd be in the tavern cause it would be bitingly
> cold outside - you'd have to have magic, or be a ranger to survive too
> long without numb fingers (-minus hit dam?) and other ill effects.
>         These are just ideas, and i'm just overflowing today, so feel free
> to ignore if rp ideas aren't your thing, or if you don't think that adding
> reality to a mud would be fun.
>                                                         PjD
I am interested in this stuff too, but how can I do this?
I'm not the best at this...


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