Re: [CODE/IDEA] Proficiencies "Apr 22, 98 05:56:42 pm"

Date: 04/23/98

                                                It works like a 2nd practice
> list, accept any class can get these abilities, but they have to find them.
> I've done the basic skeleton of it (now I have to add my MUD specific
> stuff) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the code for
> it.  Also, if anyone has any ideas to further such a system, I'd love to
> hear about em.

        Did you make them as regular skills, and just add it to the skill
list for all classes, or a separate skills category altogether?  I would
be interested in seeing a basic design of this system.

        I have been pondering a similar system of skills. I'll be keeping the
original four (mage, cleric, warrior, thief), and having a set of sub-classes
underneath them that the player may join.  e.g. the initial warrior would have
several skills from the outset, then gain access to a slew of others once
they join the subclass.  So all warrior-based players would have a core
skill group that they'd keep, plus their new skills.  If anyone has some
structural ideas for this, I'm open to suggestions...I'm sure there's
always room for improvement in whatever I code. :)
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