Re: Weather zones.

From: Jesper Andersen (knight@STOFANET.DK)
Date: 04/23/98

>On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Leonardo Herrera wrote:
>> My map looks great (there is a preview located at
>> :), but I'm on
>> real trouble with reading existing zones. I have (almost) null knowledge
>> on graph functions, so please give me a hand (if you wish).
>Tu programa se ve bastante bueno, lo he corrido en mi mac (en virtual pc)
>y se ve bien. Si necesitas ayuda o comentarios dejamelo saber.
>Por otro lado, sabes tu si el c++ builder puede salvar como applets de
>java? Si se pudiera seria ideal, no para los usuarios de Windows sino para
>nosotros, los usuarios de mac o unix..:)

Excuse me for not running over to the nearst book-store buying a
"self-teaching" book on whatever languence that was. I can tolerate
absolutely hard-core talk about programming most dosnt understand. Because
Circle is about programming, but this! No way!


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