Re: [Newbie]&[Website]

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 04/23/98

> Well i am haveing some problems with oasisolc when ever i lets say make a
> zone put some rooms in it save it all then i hafta go.  So i shutdown the
> mud.  When i come back it isnt there, i guess it has been erased or
> something like that.  If you have any help about this please let me know!

oasis doesn't automatically save change to disk when you finish editing
one component..rather, you must tell it what to save by using the format:

        redit save <zone num> (or medit, oedit, zedit, etc)

you can get a list of components that need saving by typing 'olc' with no

this is clearly stated in the oasis


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