From: Jon Barrett (mixtli@SINFO.NET)
Date: 04/27/98

> Jon Barrett wrote:
>>   I have played with it for a while and the only time I could get to
>> POS_STANDING while fighting was after standing from a bash, so I decide to
>> put it in do_stand.

Daniel wrote:
>It seems like perform_violence() might be better, so you solve any
>positioning bugs you might add in the future with one centeral piece
>of code.  Although, I suppose that "stand;sleep" would manage to
>circumvent else have suggestions?

I actually thought about that too.  The only reason I didn't put it there
was that if someone ever decide to make a skill or something that would
make you able to fight in POS_STANDING then that would not be an
appropriate place.  For example, say someone has monks or just wants to
make a skill called "free fighting" which would put them standing just long
enough to flee or get a standing only skill off.  But then they could make
it an affect flag and add that to the check in perform_violence.  Hmm,
maybe that would be a better place for it......


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