Re: [IDEA] Translucent Population

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 04/27/98

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> > Laik, Nfuko, Ujolo, Slovu, Tugep, Gilagar, Peknaraka, Urti, Fligo, tildan,
> > Balypyl, Isejyn, Lfeky, Telt, Sirasyl, Tunoken, Dundy, Fleeklyl, Fadded,
> > Veet, Motiv, Ojevyn, Slity, Jyme, Kebak, Telytil, Tynsar, Kadry.
> I rather like a few of those names.  Tildan, Isejyn, Sirasyl, Motiv,
> Jyme, Tynsar, Kadry, Tunoken, and Laik all sound like genuine fantasy
> names as chosen by PCs.  Slity, to be perfectly blunt, sounds like
> either the name of a thief/murderer or a prostitute <cough>.  The more
> 'playful' sounding names might go well for different races.

Yes, I actually have to say that some of these names have real good sound
to them, and they come from a pretty simple algorithm, if you were to put
a filter or more rules you could control better the outcome to fit the
kind of mob/player name you'd like to come up with.

> The problem I see is the longetivity of the generated mobiles.  It's
> obviously not a good idea to have them suddenly disappear for no reason.
> Nor is it desirable to have them appear out of thin air.  For instance,
> I would be rather curious if I came from a room with only one exit (the
> way I entered) and there was noone else in that room.  And then a few
> seconds later, another seemingly PC comes flying out of it like a bat
> out of Hell...

Mi idea for the first comment is to have some random number of them
wandering around, you'd only create more if they were killed or if the mud

For the places where mobs could appear the "tip" of CAW could be used, in
which you create "chute" rooms in zones, a room with six exits pointing to
the places where people "could" appear (maybe in the entrances of the
town, or something).

> I think giving them a little random "personality" would add a great
> deal.

My thoughts also, and this applied both to obvious mobs and to "pseudo

> depending upon where they are from and who they are.  For hack-n-slash
> MUDs, this can add to the feel that these are actual players, not just
> generated mobiles.  Even though, I suppose, people could tell by just
> looking at the "who" list...:\

I had even thought of hacking the Who list into showing these "pseudo
PCs" with the rest of the players. Either that or killing the who listing
(which is very questionable, if justifiable from the RPG side of the mud)

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