Re: Code perusing.

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 04/27/98

Oh hey, a post worth reading for everyone else. :)

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, James Turner wrote:

>Another problem I've had is that very rarely have I seen positive
>posts by George on other peoples' code.  He requested me to post some
>code (split_argument), yet the only comments he had involved some
>initialization and using skip_spaces.  No constructive criticism,
>nothing.  He did not comment on the function as a whole, yet he had
>asked to see it.  He did not suggest any non-trivial improvements.

I didn't see any improvements to make based on what the function was.
Except of course for not using global variables.  I point out things in the
code posted that could make it better, I don't say, 'Good job, it looks
great.'  I also don't say, 'That's a stupid idea.'  I just help them get it
working as simply as possible.

>How does this foster good faith between the wizards in the tower
>(George and Jeremy) and the rest of us down in the bazaar?

I'm very willing to look over things people mail to me.  Jon Barrett
figured that out recently when he submitted 5 (or more) different versions
in private mail after my suggestions for ways to make it clearer.

I look over submissions to the FTP site, code on the mailing list, things
mailed to me for posting on my web site, and everything else mailed to me
privately. I doubt anyone else volunteers to look over that much.

In short, I'll look over code (nothing too big), but I don't trash it for
the ideas. I just work on the code.

(NOTE: This doesn't mean you should mail everything to me privately, please
mail the list if it's not a submission for something.  I'll answer it when
I see it on the mailing list if I have a suggestion.)

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