Re: OBcircle slaying

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/27/98

> I am trying to avoid ITEM_OGRE_SLAYING because i have > 32 mob races.  I am
> having them come in as applies.  Kinda like APPLY_DAMAGE. (option F in Oasis
> OLC).  Then add a special menu to the OLC to list the races.  The part that
> worries me is how to quickly check this.  There is going to be a % chance to
> slay, but very few weapons should be slaying (I am just going to have the weapon
> do 4x damage, not really slay (slay is WAY too powerful)).  My problem is that
> there is a MAX of 6 applies, and I don't want to run through this list EVERY
> time I hit with a weapon. It is just 12 little if checks, but that can be a lot,
> especially burried in the fight code, which you want to keep as tight as
> possible.  Hmm, anyone think of a quicker way then this:
> if(is_a_slaying_weapon)
>    if(!number(0,5))
>       whack_that_mole;
> maybe have an ITEM_SLAYING flag and then have the checks?
        Why don't you make not a flag,(unless you want something to be
like of killing trolls and dragons and flying wierdos), but instead have a
single integer value, and have that work. Simple, quick, no problems. Do
it like the previously dicussed (and possibly snippettized) min level code
for objects.


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