Re: [IDEA] Translucent Population

From: Knite Hawk (knitehwk@CITILINK.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

I gotta say that I love your idea. It sounds like it would add a lot to
gameplay, especially with the different modifiers in there too. If you had
races set up, you could have random Descriptions for Each Race, and of
course you could set up a randomizer to actually set a class as well, for
whatever purpose.

One thing which you didn't mention that I think would be really cool, and
it would make it seem a little more realistic...
Make it so that every time these FakePlayers enter a room with a Mob (not
another player), they have a 1/5 chance of actually having that FakePlayer
Mob attack whatever other Mob is in the room. You could probably implement
a check to make sure he only attempts to kill Mobs that are less-than or
equal-to his Level, or perhaps a check of the other Mobs HP, so that if
it's above 500HP then they don't bother attacking. This would help
prevent them from killing the bigger Mobs that only players, if even them
should be able to kill.

This is something that I've always wondered why was never implemented in
Circle in the first place: Mobs attacking other Mobs. I mean, it makes
sense. A mercenary walks down the street, a peasant asks him for a few
pennies, and the mercenary kills him because he's annoyed. Something like
that. An Evil Mob walks into a Church, and the Priest kills him. Etc...

Just an idea that probably didn't need to be so spammy, but....

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