Strange mail system problem, help!

From: blah (merren@MINDCRYME.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

I don't get this:

AFK 5000/5000h [none] > mail melen
The postmaster tells you, 'No one by that name is registered here!'

Well, I assure you I'm there hehe, cause I'm the one trying to mail
myself. The mail system seems to every once and a while go on the fritz
and not recognize anyone by name. Nothing else appears to be affected.

A stat self:
MALE PC 'Melen'  IDNum: [    1], In room [ 1205]

ID nums are fine for all players when I stat them. I'm sorry I don't have
any more info to give, but it just doesn't make any sense at all!

  if ((recipient = get_id_by_name(buf)) < 0) {
    act("$n tells you, 'No one by that name is registered here!'",
        FALSE, mailman, 0, ch, TO_VICT);

Could it be buf is getting screwed up somehow? (in house.s for this
function it's defined as: char buf[256];).

Any ideas?

Melen 4000

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