Re: New Autoexits

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

>I see one big disadvantage to this!
>Any "Secret" door/window/hole/etc DOOR will be shown.
>You will never be able to HIDE a door..
>I added the code, but I also made it IMM+ only.
>So builders can see and recognize exits easier .. and doors.

Oh, aren't we using the word NEVER a bit harshly?  This is one of the first
things I did.  I made three new door flags (EXIT_SECRET, EXIT_SECRET_DOOR,
and EXIT_SECRET_PICKPROOF) and checked for those in my autoexit code.  So,
what does mine do?  Well, here are the specs:

1)  If it is a normal exit, just show it.  Simple.
2)  If it's a normal door, show it with a * in front of it (*North)
3)  If it's a secret exit, don't show it
4)  If it's a secret door (pickproof or not) and it's open, show it
5)  If it's a secret door (pickproof) or not), hide it

It adds a bit of code to autoexits, bit it provides exactly what I think
you want.  If you'd like to see mine, ask me at my addy.


"Jesus saves . . . . he passes to Moses.  Moses shoots, HE SCORES!"

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