Maiden Posting, [NEWBIE]

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 04/28/98

OH MY!!! what school is this?  any students on this list want to transfer?
Sounds too good to be true :) (tried a couple of times to turn the mud into a
project, no one would bite)  How did you pull this off?

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Subject:  Maiden Posting, [NEWBIE]
Date:    4/27/98 8:13 PM

Greetings Circle MUD Coders & The Like,

        I was just accepted to the discussion list. For the last month I've
been planning a mud, and after much research and commentary, I decided that
circle was a great codebase to start from. I'm 28 years old and going to
college in and around computer science. I've been a mudding veteran for
about 2 years now. I am almost finished with a book on the C language and
have a very patient mud host. I have a compiled and continously compilable
version of circle 3.0pl12, that I;ve been messing with. Right now it's a
mac ported version, but with the help of my coding-wiz friend he says he'll
help me port it to unix.
        THe actual project starts in september where I will be getting
credit for coding. I should get the host by august. However, I want to make
an early development version over the summer, so I can be ready for the
class next semester.
        Mainly I'm wondering if anyone has a moment to spare any beginning
thoughts reccomendations, or any other kind pieces of goolash they don't
mind keeping :). I appreciate all imput and no one's letter will be
disreguarded. Thank you all for your time.

Andrew Zimmer

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