Re: Misc Thoughts / Ideas

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/28/98

>  (UPS)
> >         I have heard that at one time there used to be something simular, having
> > to do with the Odin Statue in Midgaard and Odin's Store in Midgaard. I have
> > gone through patch 12 for this code and it doesn't seem to be there. If
> > anyone could explain to me what this code used to do, and maybe what patch
> > level (or even the code if they still have it stashed away somewhere) it
> > may be in it would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time.
> There was a patch or an offer for this in the past.  I didn't grab it when
> I saw it, but with exploding obj's in the mud, it would be interesting to
> see how it worked.
        I believe the odin proc that you're refering to performs the
        If you pray to the statue (and have a key item) the statue will
give you a key, unless one has already been loaded.  This is the only way
to get into a back room of the temple.  I believe this was in the
circle2.2 code, and if it wasn't stock, it sure was in quite a few muds.


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