[OFF-TOPIC] (kinda) Praying to Odin Patrick Dughi at "Apr 28, 98 12:16:30 pm"

Date: 04/28/98

>>>  I have heard that at one time there used to be something simular, having
>>>to do with the Odin Statue in Midgaard and Odin's Store in Midgaard. I have
>>> gone through patch 12 for this code and it doesn't seem to be there. If
>>> anyone could explain to me what this code used to do, and maybe what patch
>>> level (or even the code if they still have it stashed away somewhere) it
>>> may be in it would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time.
>         I believe the odin proc that you're refering to performs the
> following:
>         If you pray to the statue (and have a key item) the statue will
> give you a key, unless one has already been loaded.  This is the only way
> to get into a back room of the temple.  I believe this was in the
> circle2.2 code, and if it wasn't stock, it sure was in quite a few muds.

        Man, does that bring back some memories. :)  This was a "feature"
in the standard Diku code that trickled down to many other muds in those
days (90-93 or so).  Most mud imps either overlooked it or didn't realize
what it'd do.
        If you were a PC by name of Redferne, Papi, or Quinn, (there may
have been a 4th but I cannot recall), and you typed "pray odin" while in
room #3054 (the Temple Altar), you would get the key to that name's
respective god home, located in Southern Midgaard by default.  Now, those
were imps/immortals from the original DikuMUD days, but on most subsequent
muds, those names weren't taken, so anyone could create the char and get
the keys.
        So what's the big deal?  Heh, well...access to Redferne's Castle
would get you a pile of gold worth 1mil (a considerable amt to have in
those days.).  Quinn's room contained a weapon called Quifael's Global
Optimizer which was in the 3d6 range (again, pretty hefty back then).
Papi's room had a mob called Papi's Cat which had some obscene amount
for a barehand damroll, but was only lvl 1, thus _very_ easy to charm
and order. :)
        Lise was said before, all the items were kept in Odin's Store,
room #3055.  I think there was an enchanted longsword there too, that
you could get w/ the 4th name.  Mead?  *shrug*
        At any rate, I'm generally considered a well of useless knowledge,
so if anyone wants to know more silly stuff like this, I love to ramble. :)
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