[CLANS][ASCII-PFILES][CODE] "clan set plan" and incompatibilitie

From: Guyang Mao (gymao@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 04/28/98

If this has been covered before, I'm sorry.

I've downloaded the clan code from the snippets page.  I've put in
everything it calls for.  But when I got to this point I got
stumped... how can I change this call

- snip -

   load_char((player_table + j)->name, &chdata);
   if(chdata.player_specials_saved.clan==clan[i].id) {

- snip -

to use ascii-pfiles?  I'm thinking along the lines of making saving
into ascii file its separate function and just call the same function
from both save_char and save_char_file_u ... do you guys have any
better ideas?  If so, please help!

Also, I would like to implement the "clan set plan" code.  I have
painstakingly hand-patched in oasis1.6 with the new string editor,
and not being familiar with how to use the string editor, I was
hoping that someone can help me on this:

- snip -

 send_to_char("Enter clan description: (/s saves /h for
 help)\r\n\r\n", ch); ch->desc->backstr = NULL; if
 (clan[clan_num].description) {
  send_to_char(clan[clan_num].description, ch);
  ch->desc->backstr = str_dup(clan[clan_num].description);
 ch->desc->str = clan[clan_num].description;
 ch->desc->max_str = CLAN_PLAN_LENGTH;
 ch->desc->mail_to = 0;
 /*             ch->desc->str   = clan[clan_num].description;
 ch->desc->max_str = CLAN_PLAN_LENGTH; */

- snip -

That's copied from my current code.  Problem is, when I compile it it
gives a warning like so:

warning C4047: '=' : 'char ** ' differs in levels of indirection from
'char *'

That's where I'm copying the clan_num description into desc->str.
What can I do with this?

                                                                Guyang Mao

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