Re: error help

From: Mark Gerritsen (m.p.h.gerritsen@STUDENT.UTWENTE.NL)
Date: 04/29/98

Damn i hate that ctrl-e thing... anyone know if i can turn it off? I'm
using Eudora Light 3.0... any way to keep it from sending when i hit ctrl-e
meaning to skip to the end of the line?

> SPECIAL(hum)
> {
>   struct obj_data *obj = (struct obj_data *) me;

    if (cmd)
      return 0;
>   if (!number(0, 100))
>     act("$p hums.", FALSE, 0, obj, 0, TO_ROOM);

    return 1;
> }

Sorry, i forgot about those few lines. Meant to show the thing with "me"...
took me a while to figure that one out too.

Havoc of Dagmarck (Mark Gerritsen)

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