Re: DG Scripts & Obuild

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 04/29/98

>The type is only used in Oasis, to warn of -potential- mis-matched scripts.
>While I confess I cannot think of a good reason for it right now, I imagine
>there are some scripts that are usable for more than one item type.

Well, the best way to handle that, is to change all common commands to a
simple name.  Instead of msend, osend and wsend, make them all tsend
(trigger send)  That removes the chance of non-conforming commands.
Also, instead of having the trigger type as an integer, have it a
bitvector, that way you can define which targets it's legal for.  That
way you can have the checking and still have multiple target types :)

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