Re: Misc Thoughts / Ideas (BOTS)

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/29/98

        Regarding speedwalking and many commands put in at one time..

I talked to someone about this - we were having an argument since they had
a circle (backstab while fighiting) command, but had no delay on it - you
could destroy anyone with it.. same with spells - all the delays were
taken out - fireball 12 times each combat round? no problem.
        However, this person was fair-to adamant about having no delays
because it 'seemed like lag' or something of the sort.  The soultion that
I came up for the interim was something along the line of saving the last
command that the character used (by function, ie, north, south = same
command, whereas cast and fight did not), and the time.  For each
function then, there was a pre-defined delay (in a big clunky array),
which would allow you to, for example, steal only once every 5 seconds,
walk every .3 seconds, etc... time between casting spells actually went
down based on your level.  Its a bit more effort to re-write the entire
list, but once its in, you can modifiy or add with great ease.

        Does this sound like a worthwhile solution to your speedwalking,
and other botting-type people?


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