Re: Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

From: Quinn ShadowStalker (quinn@MUD.COMSYS.NET)
Date: 04/30/98

Well Matt, if Im such a dickhead why did you hire me along, long time ago
when bio-hazard was first out, man your mud is crap, you claim it to be a
whole new code base when its just a circle with a bunch of useless nothing
in it.

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On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Matt McLaughlin wrote:

>  ___________SNIP________________
> (hate to use that word, but ... ::shrug::). I don't believe the REAL Quinn
> could hack his way out of a paper bag (a wet one at that). And I think at
> ____________END SNIP______________
>   Hahah..  yea.. I agree.. it seems the only person that sticks up for this
> dude..  some dude that had a reply yesterday about him..  Somethin about
> blaming evertime somebodys mud crashes it was cause of Quinn..
>   Well.. personally .. unless there is some idiotic implementors out there..
> that havent thouroughly (forgive spelling) debuged their mud.. there should not
> be the slightest occurance of the mud crashing..   Usually the only time i
> see a mud crash for reasons other than a rebooting server or mem leak or some
> stupid prob like that..   is because somebody typed in a command that exec'd
> some function.  Obviously the implementor didnt think of all the different
> possibilities.. or as we more advanced programmers call it.. 'the worst of case'
> usually pointers screw people up.. and thats understandable.. happens to the
> best of people i know..
>   Never the less.. even though I think Quinn sounds like a dickhead...
> I honestly dont think he has anything to do with crashing somebodys mud..
> other than the fact that he still remains a dickhead.
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