Re: [MEDIUM-LONG] More Directions Please [NEWBIE]

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/30/98

Ok, my turn.

I think those exits are not beneficial in that they over complicate a
situation.  To rebuff your "saves typing" argument, "n" <RETURN> "e"
<RETURN> is only one keystroke greater than "ne" <RETURN>.

Obviously the entire CircleMUD community doesn't agree either way, but
lets look at it like this for a moment, shall we:

 * 50% of CircleMUDs out there are coded in the following places:  the
   mailing list, the snippets site, the ftp site, and George's site.

 * 20% of those CircleMUDs are comprehensible.

 * Directions would be added in if, throughout history, a large public
   interest had been showed in them.  Judging by three arguments in favor,
   two against, and 395 that don't give a crap, I'd say they aren't
   important to many people.

 * From mailing list data, I have determined that < 1% of people want a
   CircleMUD that comes with the extra exits.  20% of 1% can find the
   patch.  :P

 * .5% of people are totally against it.  The rest think it's pointless to

 * CircleMUD is a codebase.  The definition of "code" in this example is
   supposed to be "written data in the form of the C language which will
   compile to form a MUD" and base is "something to be built upon."  Using
   my graduation from second grade with highest honors, I will make this
   compound word mean that CircleMUD is written C code which compiles into
   a MUD for you to build upon.

 * From my experience, all these extraneous exits would be removed.
   That's not building on Circle, that's removing extra garbage.

Irked?  -B.  (Not intended to be derrogatory, but if you want something,
put it in your own MUD.  Don't force feed everyone else.)

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On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Del Minturn wrote:

> Chris Jacobson wrote:
> >
> > Hint of advice: don't get cocky on this list when the big guys
> > (regulars), such as Dak, speak.
> >
> Cocky? I was not the first to try and speak for EVERYONE on this list or
> in the mud community.. I speak for myself. And Yes.. I have played on
> several muds lately.. and yes a lot of them suck.. there are a few that
> have used the extra exits very well. As it stands so far, you and Dak do
> not like the extra exits. There are atleast three on this list that have
> asked about information to put them in.
> You figure the odds..
> (hint > 50%)
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